3.2 Million SME affected by the death of the ISDN Switch off

Getting ready for the ISDN Switch off  In a BT Group 2014/15 results announcement, the CEO of BT Group stated that BT intend to move all customers onto the IP network by 2025. This means that within ten years, your phone lines will become redundant. And ten years might feel like forever- however, the reality is that BT are acting immediately to convert every single phoneline to an IP line by 2025. By the end of 2017, 1 billion people will be using a VoIP system.

Currently, approximately 69% of businesses have still not made the switch from the ISDN line and are relying on a traditional telephone line system rather than making calls over the internet. The reality is, Telecoms are losing an average of 700,000 landline customers per month- with such grandiose changes imminent, there is sure to be a mass migration to VoIP, and new resellers popping up. Large enterprises have mostly moved to VoIP a long while ago, which leaves SME’s in need of the information required for them to safely make the leap to a VoIP system.



ISDN switch off


So why should you future proof your business and switch? The cost comparisons between  VoIP and ISDN are appealing to any business owner; you could save up to 40% on local calls, and 90% on international ones. SIP is now a well-established technology, and in many ways outperforms ISDN, allowing an abundance of extra features such as group calls and call mobility.



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