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The full potential of construction depends on faster, more reliable connectivity as the digital revolution continues to reimagine building

Construction’s near future promises self-driving vehicles and autonomous machinery, drones, 3D printing and AR gadgetry, all designed to help build faster, with less manpower and fewer costly errors. All are only made possible through utilising emerging 5G’s faster speeds and wider reach.​

The bottom line: construction sites need a connectivity service that is both fast and high-quality. UK Connect’s 5G service is designed for exactly that. ​

We offer personalised 5G consulting workshops to help your organisation begin to develop strategies that take advantage of 5G capabilities.

What is 5G?

5G is a collection of new spectrum, new technologies, and new infrastructure that transforms cellular from voice and data communications to a high-performance unified networking platform. From a business perspective, 5G incorporates all the touchpoints from the network edge into one platform, from fixed wireless access, to vehicle tracking, to full Internet of Things capability (IoT). In a nutshell, 5G is smarter, faster and more efficient than the current 4G. ​

This latest standard delivers three major elements: Enhanced mobile broadband, ultra-low latency for time-sensitive applications, and the ability to connect massive amounts of IoT and rapid-capture solutions. Thanks to high bandwidth, combined with 5G’s very low latency, the technology is set to improve data capture significantly across a host of project delivery processes. ​

This matters to construction firms and developers who want to keep pace with change, particularly large housebuilders, who are already making great use of 3D BIM in the field, where network access needs to be consistent and reliable. Further, 5G will also improve the way site teams can view and update robust project data sets on their smartphones, benefiting from connected platforms, and real-time insights. It will also encourage further IoT integration, with internet-connected sensors used on building sites in a wide variety of scenarios, from monitoring plant machines to spotting health and safety issues. ​

At UK Connect, we’re convinced 5G will prove to be the missing piece of the puzzle, and our passionate belief is that the housebuilding industry can become a trailblazing sector with 5G’s infrastructure support. Ultimately, it will deliver greater ROI, better quality builds and a strengthened bottom line. ​

5G will power progress

5G has practically become synonymous with “speed.” The 5G network is built on smaller but more densely packed antennae placed on existing structures rather than cell towers, making it possible to transmit information from point A to point B much faster than ever before – so much faster that speeds can be measured in gigabits rather than megabits. This translates to faster performance and ultra-low latency, a huge advantage in IoT.​

So, what do these advantages actually mean for construction? The benefits of 5G go well beyond just speed:​

More efficient sites: ​Experts predict that the future 5G network’s increased speed and reliability will revolutionise construction, allowing utilisation of labour saving devices such as automation and robotics, AI and machine learning, and virtualisation.
Competitive Edge​: Housebuilders who are effectively utilising 5G’s potential across a development’s life cycle will make better real-time decisions, differentiate themselves from the competition, and attain a higher profit potential.
Improved sustainability: Through IoT devices which can operate in real-time to monitor waste and environmental impact.
Shorter construction journey: Enhanced collaboration between site and remote workers through reduced lag-time, fostering real-time, quick decision making

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