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Why is high-speed broadband fundamental on construction sites from the start?

The right infrastructure is vital for a construction site to function effectively and efficiently from the outset. Gas and electricity supplies, water mains and transport access are all absolutely fundamental to the success of a well-operated site. Equally important is the internet connection and this is often overlooked until the day everyone arrives to start the project, but invariably it can take months for the main providers to deliver the service.

Why is internet connection so essential from the very beginning?

It improves productivity

Even before the hoarding goes up, the construction team requires instant and constant connectivity with head office and architects, sub-contractors, suppliers and building control to name but a few. Working from a mobile to address emails or going back to head office every time they have to print off a plan or drawing detail is simply not practical if productivity is to be maintained.

It supports sales and marketing teams

By the time the sales and marketing suite is complete and the date of the sales launch confirmed, internet access becomes critical not just for the construction team but also for the sales team. They need a variety of tools at their disposal to excite their prospective new buyers that rely on an internet connection; from making touch screens work quickly, view hi-resolution site and floor plans and view on-screen CGIs and virtual reality walk-throughs, these empower the sales team to make that successful sale.

Helps new homeowners settle in and reduces customer complaints

From the moment a buyer moves into their new home they want internet access – and developers want happy customers and good survey reports. But most broadband providers have to wait until the buyer is moved in before they can install their service and that can take some time.

UK Connect has a solution that solves all three of these problems: Site Connect gets project offices and sales and marketing suites up and running within ten days from the point of order while developers who take advantage of UK Connect’s Home Connect can ensure their new residents have broadband from the day they move in until a fixed line is installed.

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Happy Christmas - Home Connect, 4G broadband for new homes
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Happy Christmas and happy new homeowners, thanks to Home Connect

With just a few weeks to go until Christmas, homeowners moving into a new build development this side of the holidays could be left with a festive season without internet access. Rather than developers having to face the wrath of unhappy customers, UK Connect has a quick and fast solution that will provide the perfect Christmas present.

Problems with internet connectivity on new developments is common as infrastructure and service lines may not be up and running immediately. The frustration this causes extends not only to the homeowner, but also to the on-site construction and sales teams.

Research by has found that people moving into new-builds are twice as likely to have to wait a month or more to have broadband installed than those moving into second-hand homes. For homeowners wanting to enjoy Christmas by streaming movies or video chatting with long-distance relatives and friends, the lack of internet connectivity can be very hard to bear.

UK Connect’s solution for developers is Home Connect – residents’ broadband in a box which provides high-speed broadband from the outset, until a fixed line is installed.

Arguably more useful than a Christmas hamper, housebuilders’ welcome gift ensures instant internet access and comes with full technical support from the UK Connect team.

For residents, Home Connect provides clear evidence that their developers care from the first day of the move, boosting customer service ratings and also ensures that the sales office staff are not distracted with the demand of trying to resolve internet issues, leaving them to focus on getting more people moving into a new home.

To find out more about Home Connect or any of UK Connect’s other construction site broadband solutions, call 01483 663366, email or complete our contact form.