Barratt Homes Open New Cambridgeshire Ddivision

UK housing giant Barratt Homes are opening a brand new division in the East region. Having just celebrated their 60th anniversary (2018), the new Cambridge division marks the company’s continuing growth and success. Barratt are now the biggest house-builder by volume in the United Kingdom, having sold over 17,000 homes in the year to June 2017. Over the past 6 years Barratt has increased its housing output by more than 55% in line with growing demands.


The new Cambridgeshire division will sell both Barratt and David Wilson Homes. The new division has terms agreed on land for more than a thousand housing units and will be creating around fifty new jobs over the next three years directly to the local area, and by implication many more in the supply chain.

David Thomas, Chief Executive of Barratt Developments PLC, said:

“Barratt is committed to growing volumes and building the high quality homes that the country needs.

“The strong market we are seeing across the country, good consumer demand combining with an improving planning environment and supportive government policy, gives us the confidence to continue to expand our business.

“Our new Cambridgeshire division and combined East London division will help us to deliver the growth we are targeting over the coming years.”

Congratulations to Barratt Homes.

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