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#BuildingEquality - Building an Inclusive Construction Industry


Building Equality raises awareness of LGBT+ workers

For the fourth year Building Equality has been represented at pride, to increase awareness of LGTB+ employees working in the construction industry. Last weekend, over 260 people from 23 construction firms represented Building Equality, coming together to march and raise recognition for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender employees in the construction industry.

Many members have launched LGBT+ networks to foster inclusion in their own companies, and over the next year Building Equality will focus on driving change; not just through main contractors but through the supply chain. The ambition is to reduce the stress and anxiety amongst the LGBT+ community through creating an inclusive atmosphere, allowing people’s talents and skills to grow and flourish.

Jo Hennessey, Chair of #BuildingEquality and WSP network committee member, commented:

“It’s fantastic that this year we have more senior leaders than ever before taking part in the parade, showing that it’s no longer down to employee networks alone. We’re beginning to see LGBT+ inclusion not only supported but in some cases driven from the top.”

Steven Woodward, chair of the Kier LGBT+ and Allies community, said:

“Pride means a great deal to our Kier LGBT+ community and we are immensely proud to be supporting them at London Pride. Pride matters because it gives the industry the opportunity to drive diversity and inclusion alongside our construction partners at #BuildingEquality. Only when we come together as an industry can we promote true change and improve the working lives of all our employees, LGBT+ and non LGBT+ alike.”

Since the millennium we have seen a more positive outlook on legal rights for employees who recognise themselves as part of the LGBT+ community. In 2010 the Equality Act became law in the UK, making it illegal to discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the workplace.

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