Site Connect saving UK construction sites

How is Site Connect saving UK construction sites?

Our product, Site Connect, has taken the construction industry by storm. Launched just three years ago, the innovative nature of Site Connect has ensured its deployment across the country, with leading house-building clients such as CALA Homes, Barratt Homes, Linden Homes, Redrow Homes and many more reaping the benefits of super fast broadband and support. It’s a product that guarantees to connect your site, show home or sales suite to super quick broadband and phone-lines within ten days.

Like any other business, construction sites and their mechanisms rely entirely on the ability to communicate; whether to talk with suppliers, liaise with architects and planners, or speak to head office and clients. However, even in 2017, sites still struggle to get up and running broadband, and it can take around nine months for a BT Openreach line to be installed… this can be a frustration to any house builder trying to get things moving efficiently.

So how exactly can Site Connect guarantee a solution?

Site Connect is saving UK Construction Sites because of a combination of factors. The device itself is ingenious, and can provide rapid broadband wherever installed, anywhere in the UK. It creatively combines and utilises specialist antenna technologies, and is in effect an enabler product, enabling your device to connect to the network. LTE-Advanced, or CAT 6 LTE, allows out SiteConnect router to receive two signals from a single mast- effectively doubling our bandwidth. This next-generation network technology offers improved quality and coverage consistency of the network, better data rates compared to LTE and advanced network security.

All very technical, but what will this mean in practical terms? The features a site will be able to access and see the immediate benefit of, in comparison to other solutions, is that Site Connect can be delivered within 10 days of the order. The speed capabilities of the service is vast, with up to 100mbps minumum speed (the UK average is 23mpbs for perspective), and the solution can be up to 30% cheaper than going to BT. Furthermore, the number of users is significantly higher than, say, a dongle – 30 people can access a single device. Finally, installation itself is hassle free with a fully qualified network engineer being able to install within 2 hours.

Where can I go for more information?

We know that keeping our clients happy is of the utmost importance, and we have therefore invested in 24/7 contact-ability, as well as in-office monitoring and support of your systems remotely. Read our customer testimonials here, and you can always reach us on 01483 663366. Alternatively, e-mail us at, or visit our website

“I would just like to personally thank PJ, Karen, site installation engineer Ian and the rest of the CountryWide team for their ability to provide a solution not only on paper but out on live construction sites so quickly and professionally”- Paul Johnson at Clugston Construction