How CCTV can aid construction site management

CCTV an essential management tool for house-builders

CCTV- What are the real benefits to your construction site?

As technology changes and grows, it can pose as a threat as well as bring opportunity and benefit to your business.Whilst it is primarily used as a security system, CCTV arguably offers the most efficient means of construction site management.

How CCTV can aid construction site management

It’s simply not possible for site managers to monitor all activity taking place on busy construction sites, making CCTV one of the most valuable tools for management to have at their disposal.  Whilst it is primarily used as a security system, CCTV arguably offers the most efficient means of construction site management.

Health and safety

Construction site managers have a legal duty to know who is on their site and where they are at all times, which is especially important in the event of an emergency.

Construction sites, by nature of the type of work being, are also hazardous places – not just for workers but also visitors and even members of the public who live or work in close proximity.  Consequently, the risk of accidents is an ever-present concern, despite all the actions that are taken to prevent/minimise such events. In essence, a CCTV system provides an extremely effective way of monitoring an entire construction site and allows the management team to observe activities in real time or via recorded data.

Invest in CCTV



Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) offers a way of protecting your assets from those threats. And as well as threats from technology, threats from the outside world can be easily prevented and monitored using the revolutionary system of CCTV.

The most obvious benefit of CCTV is that the physical presence of a camera on-site will act as a deterrent. Crime is prevented from occurring simply from the mere sight of a camera on the side of a building. The threat of having identity and illegality captured on film stops criminals from acting. You can feel empowered in the knowledge that you are protected from crime before it happens.

Recording accidents

Modern CCTV systems allow site-activity to be recorded and viewed at a later date.  Such footage can then be used to review any accidents or near-misses, and with frame-by-frame playback, a detailed analysis can be carried out to determine the root cause of the incident.

Such evidence can be used to support accident reports, legal disputes arising from injury at work and information for taking disciplinary action, should it be required.

Furthermore, the flexibility permitted by the technology behind CCTV allows you to tailor your CCTV needs. They can be placed anywhere with power nearby, can come in any shape or size – tiny enough to be hidden in plants to permit discreet monitoring, or large enough to be a huge deterrent. Depending on your needs, you can buy hidden cameras or mountable ones. This allows you to fulfil your security needs, in whatever form they may come.

In conclusion, CCTV is a valuable asset to your site as you will be able to monitor and protect site from criminal damage and false claims, as well as add a sense of security to your plot. However, you should manage your expectations as to how much CCTV can actually do to help you – they cannot stop thievery in its tracks. Check out UK Connect’s construction site CCTV.