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Construction Boom in the North West

The North-west of England has seen a construction boom over the last year, according to new figures

Total construction output across the region is up 15% to more than £4.6bn in the three months to August compared to the same period last year, according to the Office of National Statistics. Overall construction output in Great Britain for the period was up 1.5% on the same time in 2017 – meaning the regions’s increase was 10 times the national average.

Construction boom in the north west

Compared to the same period the year before, the value of new housing work in the North-west increased by £386m in the three months to August.


One of the schemes underway in the region is developer Bruntwood’s mixed-use project in Manchester Circle Square (pictured). Back in May of this year, construction group Sisk were appointed to deliver the first phase of the commercial development at Circle Square as well as the £140m Circle Square Affinity residential development.

Northern Powerhouse minister Jake Berry said:

“It’s wonderful to see how the Northern Powerhouse is driving investment in the North West and helping grow the construction industry to the tune of over £600 million. Anyone visiting the North-west can see the huge number of construction projects underway and these figures show just how valuable they are.

This construction boom is helping build new homes, new infrastructure and a stronger economy in the region.”

The output in the construction industry figures were released by the Office of National Statistics earlier this week.

The boom comes as, amongst other growth stimulants, investment in new technologies is on the rise, helping construction companies work more efficiently.

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