Satellite vs wireless at Barratt Homes

UK CONNECT client chooses Site Connect

UK CONNECT client chooses Site Connect over other broadband solutions

UK Connect’s specialist installations team have been in Yorkshire installing their Site Connect solution for a home-building client. Site Connect is Countrywide Telecoms’ internet connectivity solution specifically tailored towards the construction industry.

The home-builders’ Sales Office contacted management who called the UK Connect team asking if the telecoms provider could assist as soon as possible to fit working broadband. This occurred because of failed alternative solutions. As pictured, the satellite option had been installed, but failed to provide a fast and reliable internet connection to the sales office.

The satellite solution is visible on the left, on the right is Site Connect

UK CONNECT are the UK’s preferred telecoms provider specifically to the construction industry. Specialist engineer Ian Covey spoke of the reasons behind the new-found popularity for Site Connect. “The reality is that this new technology that Site Connect utilises is a much more advanced service for the end user. Site Connect uses an LTE Advanced system, which, in layman’s terms, means it is an improved 4G service. It’s somewhere between 4G and 5G. As a result, speeds are faster and more secure and reliable than any other alternative service, like satellite or fixed line.”

An example installation of Site Connect

Our client spoke of the issue at hand. “Before we were aware a 4G solution was available for much less of the cost, we stuck with satellite because was what we were used to – and to be honest, changing suppliers usually means more hassle. But this new solution has been an easy transition with an engineer taking less than an hour to set up the technology. The speeds are noticeably faster, and this solution connects to all our devices hassle-free.”

Despite the promised global coverage and high bandwidth of a satellite solution, these benefits are countered by high expenses and unreliability due to the dependence of satellite on weather conditions. Meanwhile, a wireless internet solution like Site Connect is portable, easily installed, able to access a connection anywhere in the UK – and all for a competitive price. Check it out online here.