Countrywide Secures partnership with Barratt.

Countrywide Secures partnership with Barratt.

Countrywide Telecoms solution Site Connect continues partnership with Barratt PLC. Countrywide Telecoms has been providing our rapid on site connectivity solution we call Site Connect to the Barratt group for just over two years now.

Looking after both Sales Suites and Site offices, across the UK.



Barratt PLC came to Countrywide Telecoms back in 2014 to look for a broadband solution that could meet and
hopefully exceed there requirements. We recommend Site Connect to the group as this solution’s fitted there requirements and solved the issues that Barratt PLC and many other developers face.

Key Requirements requested by the client.

  • Rapid deployment – Site Connect can be deployed anywhere in the UK within 10 days.
  • Cost – In comparison to waiting for a BT line or the cost of fitting telegraph poles and ducting Site Connect offed fantastic ROI and cost.
  • Reliability – Site Connect benefits from 99.8% up time.
  • Secure – All data sent over our network can be sent via a VPN and is encrypted at the deployment site and head end with 256 bit encryption.

Site Connect is taking the industry by storm.

Site Connect solution is the one size fits all solution for construction sites suffering with slow or no internet connectivity. So far Site Connect is in use across the UK and it is not only Barratt PLC using the solution in fact Site Connect is causing a storm within the industry with construction giants such as Bellway Homes, Galliford Try, Linden Homes and Redrow homes on board to name a few.

Barratt PLC met with Countrywide Telecoms MD PJ Farr recently to discuss future requirements and we are proud to report that Site Connect will be rolled out over many more sites this year and Countrywide Telecoms continues to be an integral part or the Barratt PLC I.T strategy.

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