UK Connect are based in Guildford, Surrey

UK Connect – your local VoIP provider

UK Connect – your local VoIP provider

UK Connect are a local VoIP provider based in the Surrey area. We use Hosted phone systems and VOIP to enhance the telephone and communication systems for businesses.

Why invest in a new VoIP solution with UK Connect?

The telephony service we provide saves you from having to purchase and service a typical PBX system, and gives you instant access to cheaper phone calls.

Furthermore one of the advantages of UK Connect’s phone system is that remote workers can be given standard company phone numbers, meaning internal calls to those members of staff are free of charge, and calls from outside the business can be seamlessly transferred.

In most cases the call quality over the UK Connect solution is better than a conventional BT line, and in all cases at least as good. You will also have access to many new features such as call forwarding, waiting rooms, voicemail, voicemail to email, conference calling, etc.

What will it cost me?

If this all sounds expensive to you, don’t worry because overall costs vs your current provider could be up to 30% cheaper and we have the option for free hardware with our free of charge telecoms audit. VoIP in itself is the cheaper alternative that cuts cost, because it leverages on the existing IP structure (i.e., the internet) to channel ‘packets of voice’ as compared to PSTN, where a line must be dedicated.

We also make things simpler for you, because we offer a fully managed and hosted service where we look after everything.

All the switching equipment is hosted in secure resilient data centres, so you don’t have to buy, install or maintain it. We will also configure the user handsets for you, setting up caller groups, speed dials, call barring and all the other services you require. When you want to add or remove users, you simply tell us. It’s all covered by a monthly fee.

To conclude, the UK Connect solution doesn’t just do away with all the hassle associated with an old PBX system, it saves money and it makes the entire process simple.

What now?

If you’re still thinking about the advantages of VoIP, read our other articles on our VoIP news page.

Looking for a quote, a free audit or hardware? Contact our friendly team on 01483 663366, or you can always pop into our Guildford office!

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