What happens when your broadband goes down?

What happens to your construction site/sales office when you experience a broadband failure?

When you can’t get connected to your broadband on site, the results can be disastrous and have a real knock-on effect. Here is a rundown of the consequences of being left without internet, and an explanation of the solutions.

Broadband. One small word, limitless capabilities for the user. It is easy to forget about the importance of having broadband on site; it’s a background operator, sat behind the showy red curtains of construction. It runs smoothly, and nothing further is thought of it. But what really is the true value of internet connectivity? One way of thinking about the real importance of it, is by imagining a situation where it isn’t present. Computers can’t be accessed, which means that e-mails can’t be sent or received, customers can’t be reached and service levels go down. Card machines won’t work, meaning transactions can’t be approved and essentially, houses and products are unable to be sold. Phones running over the internet are unable to find a connection, and therefore calls cannot be taken or received.

Overall then, the entire system grinds to a halt. For a sales office, this means that ultimately, houses cannot be sold and money can’t be made. Employees cannot do their jobs. Similarly, the consequences for a site office can be disastrous as workers are left without directives, unable to liaise with the outside world. We recently had a client go down in one of their sales offices – they were left totally devoid of means to communicate, and thus suffered extensive losses, up until our solution was installed. The amount spent on enabling broadband came to 0.1% of what they sold that day. Arguably a small price to pay for the ability to work, internet connectivity is an essential component of the sales cycle.

The effects of no connectivity can be disastrous on the construction industry

So how can you make sure that your office isn’t left in this nightmarish world of disconnection? It’s always a good idea to use a provider you can trust to be reliable, so they don’t experience an unexplained failure, but also one that can respond quickly and diligently when they do. We pride ourselves on our fast response times, and our ability to remotely monitor each router so we can react quickly and knowledgeably. We also have a ‘disaster recovery’ feature, which when activated allows a back-up system to take action and keep you running. Don’t leave your organisation vulnerable to system failure- invest in Site Connect, our solution to disconnection.

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