Case Study

Land and Water

``UK Connect employees are always friendly and happy to help, both over the phone and in person.``


Land & Water is an award-winning civil and environmental engineering company that delivers effective solutions for the maintenance and management of the UK’s coastalcanal and river networks

Established for over 40 years, Land & Water is the largest independent environmental and wet civil-engineering experts in the UK.


Land & Water Services was contracted to dredge the Rivers Parrett and Tone following the flooding of the Somerset levels during heavy rainfall at the end of 2014.

Our requirements stated that we had just two weeks to deploy a wireless network at the site complex to last for at least one year which could service up to 30 users at a time; including employees, clients and visitors. We explored several options before contacting UK Connect: fixed line broadband installation, satellite, line of site, mobile tethering; none of which really fulfilled our requirements.

A fixed line could not be installed quickly enough, satellite latency was too much of an issue, mobile tethering worked on an individual basis but did not provide the office WiFi capability for those without smartphone tethering capabilities, and line of site was unavailable due to the rural location of this particular project.


“The first time we contacted UK Connect to use their Site Connect product was for one of the largest jobs Land & Water has ever taken on. 

UK Connect was able to provide a solution to us which was up and running within 10 days and fulfilled all of our requirements. As this solution provides network ports for devices that are not wireless enabled, we were also able to add a high-performance large office printer to the network for everyone to use.


“Broadband speeds are usually high and consistent across different locations. Any issues that have had, are resolved in a very short amount of time.

Customer service is always great from the beginning to the end, UK Connect employees are always friendly and happy to help, both over the phone and in person. Working with a small company has not only allowed me to get to know the people at UK Connect but also enabled almost their entire team to become acquainted with Land & Water and understand our problems and requirements for fast services.”