UK Connect appoints Kayleigh Atkinson as New Operations Director

UK Connect Announces New Operations Director

As UK Connect’s managing director I am extremely proud to announce the news today that we have internally promoted our operations manager Kayleigh Atkinson to operations director.

Kayleigh has been with UK Connect for over three years and in this time has proven herself to be a key asset to our business. Kayleigh’s attitude, company values and her passion for our staff and customers is world class. During the last three years Kayleigh has worked in a number of roles from senior business administrator to customer success manager and, most recently, as our operations manager. At each stage of her career to date Kayleigh has worked hard on personal development and delivery of some major projects within the business.

New Operations Director, Kayleigh Atkinson

Kayleigh is a mother to two young children, Amelie and Jake, who should be proud of their mum. Kayleigh works hard to ensure UK Connect is the UK’s leading provider of communications to the construction industry but always regards time with her family as a priority. I feel proud that we have created a working environment that demonstrates how hard work can allow you to succeed, but not at the detriment to what is important to you out of work. Work-life balance is a key cornerstone in our business and one that is not set to change.

As the new operations director Kayleigh will be tasked with delivering on the leadership team’s core objectives for the next financial year and will be out visiting customers to understand the challenges you face and how UK Connect can help you to improve business productivity whilst driving down costs by making use of the latest advancements in technology.

On a personal note I’m extremely proud of what has been achieved by Kayleigh.

This news also comes as UK Connect announces eight new staff joining the team in November to further grow the business.

I look forward to working with them and welcome Kayleigh to her new role.


PJ Farr

Managing Director,
UK Connect.