Our Partners

UK Connect doesn’t just think customer service is important- we know it is the essential foundation from which mutual trust and a successful business is built. We have thus taken every step to ensure that, as a customer of ours, you are looked after in the best possible way. To help with this, we are active members of the FCS and are fully accredited by OFCOM. We are also working towards our ISO 9001 status.

Ofcom protects people and businesses from bad communications services and encourages competition in the industry. Accountable to parliament, Ofcom sets and enforces rules and responsibilities for the sector.

FCS is the industry association for companies that deliver professional communications solutions to businesses in the UK. FCS champions and defends the role of providers and sets standards for excellence.

CompTIA is an international technology association that is responsible for setting industry standards, encouraging skills development and generating knowledge to share best practice across its members.

BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, uses its network to champion the IT profession globally and ensure that communications technology is used for the good of society.

The 5G Innovation Centre, based at the University of Surrey, is the largest UK research centre dedicated to the next generation of mobile and wireless connectivity. Leading academics and industry partners are working together to develop a 5G infrastructure that will underpin and change the way we communicate, work and live in the future.

The Armed Forces Covenant is an organisation dedicated to ensuring fair treatment for service men and women and their families. It works with businesses, local authorities, charities and communities to provide support.