Barratt Homes

Getting Barratt online– in time for launch

Barratt Homes sought our help when the phone lines they had ordered months ago for a new site in Storrington had still not been installed – and launch was five days away!

In less than two days, our engineers installed broadband for five PCs and set up two phone lines with local numbers. As a result, the sales staff could start selling homes immediately and customers were unaware of any difficulties.

Lynnette St Quintin, Sales Marketing and Customer Services Director, Barratt Homes Southern Counties, says:

“Our Milford Grange site, in Storrington, is in a rural location and we were having real difficulties in getting phone lines and broadband installed. After a long delay, a major telecoms company told us that we’d have to wait at least another three months, so it wouldn’t be ready in time for the launch. UK Connect set up communications in the marketing suite in less than 48 hours. I can’t rate the company highly enough.”