Recruitment CRM system VoIP integration

Recruiters – do you integrate your VoIP systems with your CRM to maximise the potential of your technology?

How is the industry currently working?

Recruitment is now ranked as one of the most competitive industries in the UK and recruiters are finding more and more interesting ways to keep up with their competition. One of the ways this is happening is by using a CRM solution.

For recruitment agencies, however, the fierce competition from other agencies is being replaced by the competition from recruitment teams working within organisations. Just like other industries, recruitment is being disrupted by technology. Social media and software tools have taken some of the mystery out of the ability of recruiters to identify and introduce talent to prospective employers. But just as the fax disrupted the delivery of CVs in person, email killed the fax, and now social media is changing the way we engage with job boards. The recruitment industry adapts and survives, simply because it is more than just sending a CV and is much more about people doing business with people. In summary, the recruitment industry is more complicated than most expect and is changing all the time.

How technology can give you the edge…

Ensuring you are capturing both client and candidate data is one part of the day to day process of looking after your clients whilst also adding more candidates to your portfolio.

To do this most recruiters are turning to specialist CRM solutions such as Bullhorn & Sales force, but at around £80 per user per month it is a considerable investment.

So what if there was a way to make your staff and CRM solution work better for you?

Well this is where UK Connect comes in to play with a solution called CRM integrator this handy add-on to our VoIP system allows you VoIP phone and CRM system to become one. Recruitment CRM system VoIP integration is starting to gain traction and will become the norm in the industry so now is the time to take advantage of this and get the edge over your competition.

With features such as click-to-dial (that will literally make your desk phone start ringing as soon a you click on a phone number in the CRM) and Note Capture (that will add the notes from the call into the CRM solution), to other VoIP phone benefits such as call-barge (this allows business owners and managers to listen in to staff calls to ensure quality and training), why wouldn’t you want to upgrade?

Below are some examples of what you would see in the bottom right hand corner of your screen whilst on a call.
Recruitment CRM system VoIP integration.

Activities Bar

All the calls, emails, notes and tasks associated to the person you’re calling at your fingertips in a convenient slider.

Recruitment CRM system VoIP integration.

See who’s calling

The CallSwitch popup gets contact information from your CRM in the background and provides it conveniently before answering the phone. A click on their name brings up the full CRM record.

Recruitment CRM system VoIP integration.

Set call dispositions

Set the outcome of each call with a convenient drop-down menu right in the CallSwitch popup.

So what’s next?

As you can see above form only three of 12 examples, the Countrywide Telecoms VoIP integrator is a perfect partner for your CRM solution. With other fantastic benefits such as mobile apps and reduced cost of ownership you are going to have the all-important edge over the competition.

Find out more about CRM integration or get more details abut our business VoIP solution.

Countrywide Telecoms currently looks after many recruitment agencies, and our solution is becoming the go-to place for recruitment specialist voice and data services.

So if this has got you thinking and you would like to find out more about Recruitment CRM system VoIP integration, please call us on 01483 663366. Alternatively, fill in the form on the contact us page and one of the sales team will be in contact to set up a FREE demo account for you to try out.