Social Distancing Technology

Your response to Covid-19

Keep your workforce safe and aid them to maintain their social distance on site with our social distancing wristbands.

  • Distance: Customisable range from 1 to 4 meters
  • Alert: Receive a small vibration notification
  • Scale: Up to 90% cheaper than competitors
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These wristbands aid your workers to maintain social distancing by letting off a vibration and flashing light when two bands come within the set distance of each other – a simple and effective way to enable your workforce to adhere to social distancing safety guidelines.


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Bewley homes have been trialling this new technology, which we believe will be an absolute game changer! The trials so far have gone exceedingly well and it has quickly been adopted as just another part of onsite PPE. Although we have plenty of visual aids, we are talking about changing human behaviour on a building site and so this is just another aid to give them that awareness that they need to maintain the two metre social distancing rules.
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Andrew Brooks

Managing Director

Bewley Homes

No more on site paper-based inductions required with the digital induction software. With our self service software you can create custom site inductions and capture important contractor information.

Simply create your inductions, invite your workforce and once they have completed the induction, you can then review and approve the contractor.

Gain visibility of your workforce at group, region or site level with our contactless sign in solution. No more visitor sign in books or bio metric systems.

With our on site sign in system you can gain deeper insight into your workforce, create powerful reporting and improve on site visibility and safety.

Our latest solution on site teams receive a vibration from our wristbands if they come within two meters of each other.

The social distancing wristbands are an aid in the fight against Covid-19. This simple technology will help to change on site user behaviour and keep your workforce at a safe social distance.

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