Taylor Wimpey Partnership with UK Connect for Site Broadband

UK Connect announces major new site broadband partnership deal with Taylor Wimpey

Taylor Wimpey UK Partnership with UK Connect for internet solutions

Taylor Wimpey, one of the UK’s largest house builders, has appointed UK Connect. as a strategic partner for high-speed site broadband connectivity across all its sites and sales offices. UK Connect the UK’s leading provider of communication services to the construction industry, provides the vital communication links required by developers from the moment construction starts and throughout the sales cycle.

Taylor Wimpey with uk connect site broadband

“It has removed one of our biggest operational issues, by delivering fast, secure & highly available communications to our sites in days.”

Taylor Wimpey Said:

“Even with all the technological advances we’ve seen over the past few decades, the fundamental issue the industry has struggled with since the 1990s is connectivity on construction sites. High speed site broadband and communications is mission critical, and we look forward to seeing Site Connect rolled out across Taylor Wimpey’s developments.”

The Site Connect solution from Countrywide Telecoms makes use of the latest advancements in antennae technologies to provide secure and rapid internet access wherever installed. Where traditional fixed line providers can take weeks and often months to set up a working service, Countrywide Telecoms will achieve full connectivity within a matter of days.

Andy Feldon, IT Director at Taylor Wimpey

Further Comments:

We also asked Taylor Wimpy Group I.T team a number of questions about the service and this is what they said.

How has Site Connect benefited your business? It has removed one of our biggest operational issues, by delivering fast, secure & highly available communications to our sites in days.

How do you find the broadband connection and service? From day 1 the service provided has been of the highest quality, as with all tech we occasionally have escalations but the customer-centric approach from from UK Connect has been excellent.

What is your experience on the ordering process? Simple and efficient.

When you recommend us, what do you say? After years of broken promises from various providers – PJ and his team delivered.

UK Connect says:

PJ Farr managing director of UK Connect site broadband PJ Farr, Founder and Managing Director of UK Connect, said:

“We’re delighted to be working with Taylor Wimpey, and are excited by the opportunity that this partnership presents to develop our service. UK Connect now provides connectivity solutions to some of the UKs leading construction companies, and as we continue to grow we will maintain the ‘hands on’ approach that we have always taken, allowing us to act promptly to deliver a protected and dependable network.”

“From the moment you are on site you need fast, reliable connectivity quickly, in order to run your project effectively, and Site Connect enables this to happen. The practicalities of this solution also ensure that when its services are no longer required, it can simply be picked up and moved to another location, making it a financially viable option too.”

For site and sales offices suffering from poor connectivity or slow/no broadband, UK Connect has found the ideal solution- for more information on how to deploy Site Connect

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