Construction Site Broadband - SITE Connect

Rapid on-site broadband, delivered anywhere in the country in under ten days.

The Solution

You need instant, secure connectivity to order supplies, liaise with architects and planners as well as to communicate with your head office and your customers. Our SITE CONNECT broadband solution is an ingenious device, able to provide rapid broadband connectivity and phone lines wherever installed, even in the most remote locations.

You can typically wait up to nine months for a traditional communications provider to install broadband on site, SITE CONNECT can be delivered and installed within 10 days.

The result is that you can:

  • Quickly get on with your business, up to 30 people can use the connection simultaneously.
  • Be confident in conducting your communications using a safe and secure solution: safely and quickly download, upload and share files, in addition card payments can be taken on a secure connection.
  • Combine with our VOICE CONNECT service to monitor your incoming calls, to identify where they are coming from, assisting with your lead generation activities.
  • Promote a more professional organisation
  • Using the data, better track campaigns and different sales channels using the multiple numbers.
  • The result of which will enable you to make more informed advertising decisions moving forward.


Our small wireless device is installed discreetly with minimal interference.

  • 24/7 network and technical support is available to all staff.
  • Secure and reliable network – we have an average uptime of 99.8% and are NPIA Spec5 approved.
  • The product supports hard wired ethernet connections as well as WiFi, creating the perfect network for your office.
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Broadband in under 10 days  
24/7 Support
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Up to 300 mbps download speeds
UK Coverage
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