Construction Site Broadband from UK Connect

Construction Site Broadband from UK Connect 

UK Connect the UK’s leading provider of rapid voice and data site broadband solutions to the construction industry.

The Solution:

Site Connect from UK Connect is a rapid day one broadband solution for your site or sales office anywhere in the UK the service provides a high speed broadband service, 24/7 support and helps you to drive down cost and improve productivity.

UK Connect engineer for Site broadband


Our mission is simple. We want to provide anyone working on construction sites in the UK with access to full site broadband and connectivity. If we can’t connect your site within ten days of ordering, we’ll provide it with free broadband for a year. Unlike other providers we won’t tie you into any contracts either – you simply on and off hire as you need it.

The Result:

UK Connect are the UK’s leading provider of tailored and bespoke communication solutions to the construction industry. Our flagship product, Site Connect, has taken the construction industry by storm. Launched just three years ago, the innovative nature of Site Connect has ensured its deployment across the country, with leading house-building clients such as CALA Homes, Barratt Homes, Linden Homes, Redrow Homes and many more reaping the benefits of super-fast broadband and support. It’s a product that guarantees to connect your site, show home or sales suite to super quick broadband and phone-lines within ten days.

Over the past 5 years, Site Connect by UK Connect has saved many a site from failing to meet its planned launch date, as well as helping sales offices to be able to sell houses.

What our customers say:

We asked Taylor Wimpeys group I.T Director Andy Feldon 4 questions below is what he said.

How has Site Connect benifited your business? It has removed one of my biggest operational issues, by delivering fast, secure & highly avalible communications to our sites in days.

 How do you find the broadband connectiuon and service? From day 1 the service provided has been of the highest quality, as with all tech we occasionally have escalations but the customer centric approach from from UK Connect has been excellent.

 What is your expericance on the ordering process? Simple and efficient.

 When you recommend us, what do you say? After years of broken prmises from varous providers – pj and his team delivered.


Find out more:

If your ready to take advantage of our broadband solution Site Connect and you want to join the thousands of other users taking advantage of the solution then get in touch with our team today.

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