UK Connect Save the Match with Rapid Broadband Solution

The match goes on – UK Connect provide rapid broadband rescue service to the Guildford Spectrum

UK Connect’s rapid action broadband solution was recently deployed in the Guildford Spectrum. The instant broadband solution, Site Connect,  allows for connectivity to be immediately accessed by many users, with an installation deadline of 3 days. The Guildford Flames Ice Hockey were thus able to play their match, with full telecommunication access assured!

How is it done?

Using Wi-Fi technology, installed by one of their fully-qualified and expertly trained broadband specialist engineers, UK Connect were able to install a solution that enabled full internet access to all those at the stadium, off and on the ice rink.

The circular device used to allow broadband access to the stadium

The circular device used to allow broadband access to the stadium

UK Connect are constantly investing in the technology that permits advancement which benefits users such as the Guildford Spectrum.

Their assortment of projects includes the Guildford pop-up village, where a temporary and innovative shopping centre in Guildford relied on UK Connect to provide instant connectivity for all customers, accurate data on their wi-fi users for marketing purposes, and 24/7 all-round support for the system. They also install and monitor VoIP products, such as phones and internet-connected printers and scanners.

UK Connect are an FCS certified Ofcom supplier of telecommunications to the Surrey and Guildford areas.

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